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External Service Division

Veritas Testing Laboratory

Pressure pulsation and thermo shock tests, corrosion and bursting pressure tests, particle analysis and flammability tests - the Veritas AG testing laboratory has many more testing methods to offer!

The following provides an overview of our services.

  • Four large scale testing rigs for bi-thermal charged-air tests, three of which include a multi-axle movement mechanism and/or vibratory excitation
  • General testing rig for temperature control, pressure pulsation,
    vibratory excitation and linear movement
  • Two large scale testing rigs for bi-thermal fuel supply line testing including explosion-protection, one of which include vibratory excitation
  • Fuel supply line testing rig including explosion-protection and shaker
  • Nine testing rigs for unithermal testing of fuel supply lines
  • Two MicroSHED facilities for permeation testing
  • Two corrosion test benches
  • Two burst pressure test benches
  • Stone impact facility
  • Insertion loss measurement facility
  • High pressure pulsation test bench up to 200 bar
  • High pressure pulsation test bench up to 4000 bar for CR-pipes
  • Climate chambers
  • Thermal shock test chamber
  • Abrasion test machine
  • Five tension and compression testing machines up to 20 kN, two machines include a climate chamber for temperatures ranging -80 to +250 °C
  • Ozone-test bench including temperature control (-5 to +90 °C) and movement mechanism (stroke 40mm, force 800N)
  • Thermo gravimetric analysis from 25 to 1000°C temperature range
  • Spark emission spectrometer for analysis of chemical elements in metal alloys
  • MFR to evaluate extrusion properties of plastics
  • Gas chromatograph to separate and identify concentration of organic compounds
  • Purity of components: analysis of particles and weight calculation
  • Reaction to fire performance
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Dynamic  Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  • Determination of glass transition
  • Determination of dynamic parameters E‘ E‘‘ tan δ
  • Imitation of dynamic load conditions
  • Infrared (IR) spectroscopy using a microscope Identification testing for elastomers Determination of chemical composition of substance mixtures or fine particles
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) Determination of the melting point [Tm] and glass transition temperature [Tg] specific thermal capacity and oxidative ageing effects [OiT]
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) Determination of the elemental composition (Na-U) of gas compounds and fine particles
  • Two CNC measuring machine for tactile measurements
  • Two optical measuring systems, one of which is portable
  • Computed tomography unit for measuring components and for nondestructive inspection of structural components
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Note: The Veritas laboratory is not an accredited laboratory.