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Veritas Overview

Looking ahead

Backed by tradition, we develop innovative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. 

Veritas accomplishments

Veritas AG with its subsidiaries is part of the global Poppe-Veritas Group active throughout the entire world as development partner to the automotive industry with outstanding material and system competency for the fluid, thermo and sealing management of vehicles and as manufacturer of elastomer sealings and profiles for industrial applications.


Veritas dates back to the "Berliner Gummiwaarenfabrik" founded in 1849 by William Elliott. Following a number of mergers in the late 19th century, the company from 1929 operated as Veritas Gummiwerke AG and in 1999 changed its name to Veritas AG. It is the oldest rubber-processing company in Germany.

Veritas has a global headcount of around 4,000 staff members. In business year 2016, Veritas sales were at €619 million.

For its automotive and industry customers, Veritas is present on three continents with sites in Gelnhausen and Giessen, in Benshausen, Neustadt in Sachsen (all Germany), Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Mieders (Austria), Dunakiliti (Hungary), Kunshan (China), Puebla (Mexico) and Cerkezköy (Turkey). Moreover, the Poppe-Veritas Group maintains sales offices in Wolfsburg (Germany) and Novi (Michigan/USA).



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