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(Proficient from the very beginning) – Veritas AG milestones

Veritas AG is the oldest rubber factory in the Federal Republic of Germany with decades of know-how in production and processing rubber and plastics.

1849 – 1899
December 6, 1849

Foundation of "Berliner Gummiwaarenfabrik” by William Elliot in Berlin, Mühlenstraße 70.

Werk Berlin, Mühlenstraße

Merger between the "Berliner Gummiwaarenfabrik AG" with the "Frankfurter Gummiwaarenfabrik Wendt, Buchholz & Co." seated in Gelnhausen. The new headquarters of the "Vereinigte Berlin-Frankfurter Gummiwaaren-Fabriken AG" are in Berlin; branch operations are maintained in Gelnhausen.

Werk Gelnhausen um 1890

Foundation of the "Centralvereins deutscher Kautschukfabriken" (today Wirtschaftsverband der deutschen Kautschukindustrie e.V. - WdK  [trade association of the German rubber industry]).

Ausstellungsstand auf der Berliner Gewerbeausstellung 1896.

October 1899: A devastating fire destroys most of the production facilities at the Gelnhausen plant.

Wiederaufbau nach der verheerenden Brandkatastrophe
1900 – 1949

The new main plant covering an area of 5,000 sqm is built in Gelnhausen.

Direktor Carl Poppe mit seinen Werksmeistern und Beamten
1905 - 1912

The former company at the height of its success, producing not only technical rubber products under the registered brand name (trademark) "VERITAS" but also automobile tires - with and without spikes.

Werbeanzeigen für Veritas-Autoreifen in Automobilzeitschriften.

Automobile Exhibition in Berlin in 1907

Automobilausstellung 1907 in Berlin

The company's name is changed to "Veritas Gummiwerke AG" based on the popular VERITAS spike tyres.

Das neue Veritas-Logo

Company management is relocated to Gelnhausen due to the military situation. The plant in Berlin-Lichterfelde is severely damaged by constant air strikes.


The company's headquarters are transferred from Berlin to Gelnhausen because those facilities remained intact during the war. Berlin was also isolated from Germany's western zone due to the Four Powers Agreement.

December 06, 1949

100 year celebration at the gymnasium of Gelnhausen. The evening program is hosted by Peter Frankenfeld, later a popular TV show master.

100 Jahre Veritas
1950 – 1999

Exhibition booth at the industrial trade fair Hannover 1956.

Messestand auf der Industriemesse Hannover 1956.

The company starts converting to electronic data processing.


Export alliance Ullrich-Poppe-Veritas at the industrial fair in Hannover 1973. Expo stand in Hannover, Germany.

Messestand in Hannover

Veritas starts building a second plant in Gelnhausen. The first new production hall is designated for manufacturing hoses, as the old production facilities are bursting at the seams.


The plant in Berlin-Lichterfelde is shut down after production facilities have been transferred to Gelnhausen. This marks the end of a 133-year era, which began with the establishment of the first German rubber factory in 1849 and laid the foundation for today's Veritas.


Ullrich Gummiwerke AG, Gelnhausen in Germany is incorporated into Veritas. The facilities and premises gained with this merger and purchase of additional property  create necessary prerequisites in terms of generous planning for the projected plant enlargement.

On June 8, Jürgen Krebaum accepts congratulations on behalf of the company for the "Supplier of the Year 1987" award presented by Adam Opel AG.

Lieferant des Jahres 1987

With the support of Veritas in Gelnhausen, the first state-recognized vocational academy for rubber and plastic engineering is established.


The old plant premises on Barbarossastraße (Gelnhausen) are cleared on schedule.


Veritas establishes its subsidiary Veritas Dunakiliti Kft. in Dunakiliti, Hungary, thus joining the automotive supplier Ivy League as global player.

Veritas Dunakiliti Kft.

"Veritas Thüringen GmbH" is founded in Benshausen, Germany.

Veritas Thüringen GmbH

Veritas is 150 years old! On June 12 nearly 5,000 people – employees, family members, customers, suppliers and other business partners – come together to celebrate this remarkable occasion.

150 Jahre Veritas

The company changes its name from "Veritas Gummiwerke AG" to "Veritas AG". Signaling the expansion of product range and core competence, this step has been prepared for long in advance with the addition of plastic and metal processing to rubber processing.

Peter Lorenz accepts the "Corporate Supplier Award" for 1998 from the hands of Ferdinand Piech (Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen AG) and Erich Schmidt (manager of the Audi AG purchasing department).

Veritas and 62 other candidates were selected from more than 10,000 suppliers to be awarded this token of appreciation for outstanding commitment and excellent performance with regard to quality, flexibility, service, innovation and competitiveness.

Corporate Supplier Award 1999
2000 – 2005
Establishment of "Veritas Medizintechnik GmbH" in Halberstadt, Germany - a subsidiary operating outside the automotive sector.

Mexico: Veritas purchases property near the VW-plant. September 12, 2001

Completion of the first expansion phase at the new plant for car-sealing systems in Gelnhausen Hailer. Ceremonial opening as part of the IAA with about 150 guests of honor and representatives of customers and partners, and the companies involved in the facility construction.
November 06, 2002

The Hessian Prime Minister Roland Koch visits Veritas and for three hours answers the questions on local and regional issues and concerns at the conference for "Politics in the Factory" asked by an audience of some 200 Gelnhausen citizens. The event is initiated and moderated by Dr. Wolfgang Maaß, vice-chairman of the Veritas supervisory board and publisher of the "Gießener Anzeiger" and the "Gelnhäuser Tageblatt" newspapers. The injection-moulding division's production facility-hall 54 provides the appropriate setting for the panel discussion.

May 23, 2005

The initial use of a spade to symbolize the beginning of construction for a second office building at the Gelnhausen plant. In October 2005 the departments for quality, purchasing, industrialization, computer and part of distribution move into the new modular building.

June 01, 2005

Veritas takes over "PS-Fertigungstechnik GmbH" - a metal processing company "PS-Fertigungstechnik GmbH" a company of the Veritas Group.

PS-Fertigungstechnik GmbH ein Unternehmen der Veritas-Gruppe
July 16, 2005

"Veritas Dunakiliti Kft.", the largest Veritas AG assembly plant today, celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Veritas Dunakilit Kft., Ungarn
August 18, 2005

First steps towards the reconciliation of family and career: For the first time, the child care team organizes a three week vacation program for Veritas employee children between the age of 6 and 12 years.

2006 - TODAy
June 29, 2006
Volkswagen Group Award for Veritas
With the use of new materials and a new engine compartment air flow geometry,  Veritas developed new business opportunities in the year 2005 and can thus, for example, intensify the supply relationship with Volkswagen. This entrepreneurial achievement was honored with the Volkswagen Group Award by VW in 2006.
Volkswagen Group Award für Veritas
July 09, 2007

The initial use of a spade to symbolize the beginning of the playground renovation at the Philipp-Reis School in Gelnhausen. On initiative and with the support of Veritas, work begins for the reconstruction of the asphalted schoolyard into an exercise area. The primary and secondary school was is great need of repair.

Erster Spatenstich für den Schulhofumbau
October 23, 2007

At an in-house exhibition Veritas presents the development of alternative drive technologies using the example of the "Hydrogen 3", an Opel Zafira, which has a fuel cell unit located beneath its' body. Veritas developed and produced all fuel-carrying lines leading from the tank to the engine and the engine compartment.

Alternative Antriebstechnologien
March 2008

Founding of Veritas Otomotiv Sanayi Ltd. Sti. in Cerkezköy-Tekirdag, Turkey Competence Centre for injection moulding technologie. On 2,700 sqm, approximately 130 Veritas Otomotiv employees mainly produce conventional mouldings.

May 21, 2008

Veritas receives the "Family-Friendly Company of Main-Kinzig" award.

The Main-Kinzig district honors the activities to improve the compatibility of family and career at Veritas such as various part-time arrangements, job sharing, working from home, part-time work during parental leave, flexible working hours or leave of absence in case of serious illness of family members. 

Alternative Antriebstechnologien
December 12, 2009

Veritas is 160 years old.

July 01, 2010

Veritas takes over the Poppe subsidiary OGW, Ostsächsische Gummiwerke Polenz in Neustadt, Saxony.


Built on the site of the OGW in Saxony, Veritas sets up a new plant. The Moulding Competence Centre has investment requirements of about 30 million Euros within the next several years.

A company is also established in China, more precisely in the province of Kunshan. Veritas Automotive Systems (Kunshan) Ltd.

In Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina another assembly plant is constructed.

February 2012

The company "Ostsächsische Gummiwerke Polenz GmbH" is renamed "Veritas Sachsen GmbH".