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Active environmental protection is our advantage!

Veritas sets environmental standards which they coordinate with their partners, suppliers and customers to ensure a sustainable approach. Due to innovative processes Veritas has an excellent competitive position.


Since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, environmental pollution has increased while consumption of finite resources rises. Therefore we see a responsibility to continuously improve our structures so that environmental impacts are reduced. Striving for continuous improvement of processes, technologies and products that not only meet the legal requirements, but significantly influence their evolvement, we see a daily contribution to active environmental protection. With highly advanced and ecologically designed production facilities and the development of environment friendly products we have committed ourselves to nature.

An integrated management system has enabled us to recycle industrial waste, reduce emissions and create ergonomic and clean working conditions for all employees.  With all work safety and environmental protection requirements fulfilled and certified with DIN EN ISO 14001, our environmental management system stands for demonstrated environmental protection at many locations worldwide since 2002.