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Corporate Policy


As an international company for the chemical industry Veritas looks back on more than 160 years of company tradition. We produce and process rubber, plastic and metal materials which get incorporated as components for car manufacturing.


Balance. From the very beginning we've pursued a holistic corporate policy:  environmental protection, promotion of health, social justice and hazard prevention at the workplace are all equally important aspects of a respectful, contemporary corporate management at Veritas.

Internationally recognized management systems help us to systematically and  sustainably meet all legal requirements to minimize environmental impacts, ensure the most current state of technology as a minimum, reduce risks in operating processes and to promote health of our employees.

We view our success as a consequence of intensive interactions with customers, suppliers, partners and employees.To achieve and maintain a high quality level, we involve all company managers and employees, as well as relevant suppliers and customers, authorities and other interested parties in our considerations by way of open communication channels.