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Responsibility for society

Veritas specifically promotes children and youth development through investments in social projects for education. Regions in the vicinity of our locations are particularly important to us.

Respect. The commitment of Veritas is also directed, to a large extent, to the inside: Through training and education, trainees are introduced to the challenges of modern technology. Thus, we ensure that well-trained employees develop products that meet international standards and specifications - today and in the future.

Veritas promotes playground landscape at the Meerholzer Kindergarten. Education is the central concept of all projects supported by Veritas. "Veritas is a knowledge-based company, which produces high-tech products. Therefore, we become involved wherever the aspects of knowledge and education come to our attention“, says Katharina Hehl. Creating space for mental and physical development opens doors to communication, thus promoting social harmony.

Home for children and youth in Benshausen. In cooperation with a specialized center for remedial therapeutic in Bensheim, Thuringia, an idealistic and material relationship has existed for many years. Special emphasis is placed on the leisure aspect for children and adolescents as demonstrated by Veritas AG, Gelnhausen, and the Veritas Thüringen GmbH located in close proximity.

Veritas is committed to rebuilding schoolyard. Through Veritas initiative, the schoolyard of a primary and secondary school in need of restoration has been transformed into a children's exercise area. Together with the international automotive supplier, other Gelnhäuser companies were won as donators, contributing their part to clean up the school grounds.